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Environmentally dedicated

The first integrated environmental product service company, covering Agri & Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Travel Leisure & Hospitality, Facility Management, Food Processing and wholesale distribution in the Middle East, Asian Subcontinent, Indian Pacific, Africa and Europe.

SAHAM GLOBAL has a strong focus on supporting the efforts of its clients on reducing the foot print of their respective operations, in combination with achieving sustainable improvements of the Return of Investment.

Business Units

¨ Agri, Horticultural , Bio-Fuel Farming and Livestock Supplements

¨ Detergents, Sanitizers and Soil & Water Detoxifiers

¨ Environmental Footprint Reducing Fuel Additives

¨ Third Party Distribution Services

¨ Waste-2-Revenue consultancy and project management

Integrated Approach “Farm-2-Fork”

SAHAM’s product and consultancy offering is based on an integrated approach across the (AgrifFood) value chain. Almost anybody focuses on partial segments, as where SAHAM is involved from soil and farm, till food and kitchen, backwards integrating the liquid and solid waste streams, making them suitable for re-application earlier in the value chain. SAHAM strives to optimize the chain, maximizing the yield and surprisingly achieve large reductions in environmental and carbon footprints for any industry.


Global Projects

SAHAM’s clients and projects can be found anywhere from the Baltic till South-Africa and from the Caribbean till Asia-Pacific, across a broad spectrum of industries.


Some of our environmentally friendly products for agriculture, horticulture and turf industries are applied in projects that are currently undertaken and supported by our specialists worldwide:

* Coffee | Costa Rica                            * Roses, Sunflowers | Kenya                   * Rice, Soybeans | China

* Dairy Production | Dubai                   * Poultry Farming | Sharjah                     * Hydroponics | Abu Dhabi

* Pot Plant Nursery | Kuwait                * Pineapple, Sugar Kane | Kenya           * Cotton, Uganda

* Golf Courses | United Kingdom        * Table Grapes | Jordan                           * Housekeeping | U.A.E.

* Pastry & Turf | Germany                    * Alfalfa | Afghanistan                               * Manure Composing | Holland

* Cattle | Mexico                                    * Tea, Sorghum | Tanzania                      * Allanblackia Tree | Ghana


Our Scientist Team is made up of people who bring over 125 years of combined experience to offer the most advanced line of products that not only enhance chemical efficiency, but allow the end-user to reduce chemical rates and usage and thereby, protect our habitat and environment. 




East Africa


Updated:  July 14th 2014

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